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Can you generate this tooth profile using gear hobbing methods? Do you have a way of increasing the service life for the turning of 316L steel? Our engineers and technicians have to grapple with these and many other questions on a daily basis. Hand in hand with our customers and taking into account the quality required and the time factor involved, we work out solutions that are optimally tailored to the specific applications.



Optimize your grinding processes and get the best out of your machines. Our application consulting sessions are target-oriented, innovative and encourage your potential. Our services open the door to greater productivity.

The team of application engineers mainly works at the sharp end – directly on our customers' machines. This offers the advantage of making it possible to find out exactly what you customer need and to integrate your relevant staff members directly into the solution process. Following a thorough analysis, our team takes the necessary steps together with our specialist development team in consultation with you as the customer. Amongst other things, these include:

  • Analyzing the grinding problem
  • Problems regarding the machines and tools
  • Drawing up and implementing solution strategies
  • Improving the grinding strategy
  • Optimizing grinding processes in the "work piece material, cooling lubricant, grinding machine, grinding disc and operator" system
  • Determining the profiling and dressing parameters

These measures Lead to improved utilization of existing resources, which increases productivity and quality. Continuous cooperation and updating of these processes guarantee that quality is maintained.


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